Easy Vintage Floral Banner DIY

Are you looking for some super simple ideas to spruce up your home for spring and summer? I’m always on the look out for easy and very inexpensive crafts to add charm to our home. Today I have one for you that’s as easy as can be and very inexpensive! If you’re like me, most of the supplies needed for this project you already have at home, the others are either free or a few dollars at the craft store.




What you’ll need:

Twine (or yarn of your choice)

cardstock (I wanted something light and bright…this pretty cream color almost matches our walls perfectly and looks fabulous against the pretty brown antique armoire)

free printables of vintage floral


hole puncher

Could these materials be any more simple? Now let’s create that banner…


Step One:

Choose your favorite free printables and print them…I simply typed in free vintage floral printables into google and went through a few that I liked and then chose my favorite few to print.

Something like this…



or this…



You can even use a vintage Patriotic print like this one for Memorial Day and Independence Day:


**this specific printable is formatted for an 8×10 frame but I thought it was a great inspiration for a 4th of July banner as well. I’m hoping to find some other fun freebies and inexpensive 4th of July decor and DIY’s to share with you all soon** 

Step Two:

Once you’ve printed your images, cut your cardstock and prints into whatever shape you would like. I really enjoy the triangles, but anything you prefer will work.

Step Three:

Glue your prints to the cardstock and punch holes at the top in the center.

Step Four:

String the banner and hang it.


We don’t currently have a fire place so I hang our banner on our antique Armoire in the living room but it would also look lovely hanging on a mantle or even the wall.

It’s a wonderful way to add a little extra charm and seasonal decor on a small budget.



Dried Orange Garland Tutorial

Don’t get me wrong, I love a little sparkle here and there but natural decorations are my favorite! These dried oranges are absolutely beautiful hanging in a window, as well as on a green Christmas tree. Not only are they pretty, they are also inexpensive and simple to make!

Let me show you:$(FILE_NAME)_05

To start, you’ll need some fresh oranges. I ended up using 8 oranges for my garland but that’ll vary depending on the size of your window. I like to cut more than I think I’ll need in case some slices turn too brown. Slice them very thin and place them on a baking sheet with parchment.


You’ll want to keep your oven set pretty low. I kept mine on 170 and let them dry out over several hours. Flip them every hour or so to make sure both sides dry out evenly. Patience is going to be key. The first time I made these oranges I wasn’t patient enough and turned the heat up too high because it was taking too long. I ended up wasting several oranges because they got too dark.

Once they are completely dried out and cooled, they’ll look like this:


Now you’ll want to gather your needle and sturdy string:


Gather all of your oranges on the string.



Once the oranges are dried, this project takes very little time to complete. You’ll have a beautiful garland hanging in minutes!


Last year we even used the oranges to make ornaments. I haven’t gotten around to it this year, but here’s a picture from last year.


I hope these pretties inspire you to add some natural elements to your Christmas! What are some of your Christmas must haves?

Also, check out my tutorial on mini Christmas wreaths here:


Coming up: 5 simple & frugal ways to decorate for Christmas.